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Become Proficient in Testing at NDT Resource Center

Are you dealing with non-porous materials in your industry? Non-porous materials both metallic and nonmetallic such as welds, castings, plastics, and ceramics have the tendency to develop cracks and discontinuities that create leaks from one surface to another. So, before using them in an industrial process, they are subjected to NDT or Non-Destructive Testing to get feasible results. Dye penetrant testing is a type of NDT that checks the surface-breaking defects in the non-porous materials. It is also known as liquid penetrant testing as it makes use of highly penetrative liquids to perform the tests. The liquid enters through the surface opening of the discontinuity present in the material that can be revealed by applying an emulsifier and a white developer. The suspected defect can be seen by a color contrast in normal visible light or by fluorescence under a dark ultraviolet light. Dye penetrant testing can only be performed by experienced professionals who have undergone proper training.

So, if you are planning to take up the dye penetrant testing course, you can do so at an NDT recourse center. Many companies are providing NDT training in various fields. You can visit the websites of such companies and know more about different types of NDT training and courses.

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